Update (4/4/19): It was an April Fool’s prank! Thank God! Here’s today’s new video that he uploaded.  So glad David’s still kickin’!

I just watched Last Video (Working on Books!) by David Wood on the Acts17Apologetics channel.  While I’m still hopeful that this was an April Fool’s joke aimed at mocking his critics, it still speaks volumes considering the growing trend of censorship of many Christians and conservatives.  As we’ve seen in the news recently, conservative and Christian voices that won’t tow the line on current agendas favored by certain folks in power at big tech companies are beginning to succumb to malicious flagging of “inappropriate” content.  By inappropriate, they mean politically incorrect, or perhaps socially unacceptable to the elites.

This very blog had been chugging along at a growing average of 60 to 70 views per post.  That was, however, until after I commented on the seeming endorsement of infanticide by Virginia Governor Northam and made a case against abortion,  As soon as that article hit, I immediately dropped down to 5 to 7 views per post.  Not even my wife was receiving notifications that I had posted anything.  And she’s, like, my closest friend! (Love you, honey!) My content has been, as far as I can tell, “deboosted” by Facebook, just like those others detailed in this recent expose by Project Veritas.  

But, this is all to be expected.

The Bible says that as we approach the return of Christ, folks won’t tolerate sound doctrine.  (2 Timothy 4:3)

2 Timothy chapter 4 is a message from Paul to his protege and mentee Timothy, giving him marching orders to continue in his ministry.   Paul warns Timothy that there will come a time when men of the world and even the church will have itching ears, seeking teachers whom they agree.  In David Wood’s case, who was adamant in his work against the teachings of Muhammad and Islam, he spoke out against the hypocritical and inconsistent teachings of several imams and countered with the gospel of Jesus as the only way to God.

David mentioned handing off the torch to younger online apologists to spread the gospel.  This is similar to Paul’s words to not just Timothy, but all “men of God” (2 Tim 3:17) who’ve been instructed in the Scriptures (v. 14) who have gained the wisdom of Christ’s salvation.

I’ve watched and learned from David Wood’s videos and have read his exhaustive polemics against Islam for years now.  Though it is disheartening to see so many conservatives and Christians silenced online, and to experience that censorship myself in a small way, I must admit that I’ve been inspired.

I’ve decided to post a paper I wrote some time ago making a case for why jihad is of orthodox Islam and not “radical” at all, and some policy suggestions that, though a couple may not be necessarily pragmatic, would go a long way to avoiding what is called the Three Stages of Jihad from taking root in our Western Society.  I hope this will honor the contributions to the field of Christian apologetics that David has made over the years, and I pray he will find success in his new writing endeavors.

You can read this paper in the next several posts… assuming they show up in your feed.  😉

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