Good evening! Happy Easter everyone!

Just wanted to say thank you to all the folks who read my blog.  Also, the newest post for YHWH’s Janitor will be out tomorrow entitled, “God in Ancient Northern California: Who was Eas and Pok-e-wip? Part 1”.  It explores the ancient Yuki people of Mendocino County, California’s history and creation accounts, and then compares them to the Biblical account.

The reason the Yuki are so interesting is because they were one of the most isolated hunter-gatherer societies in North America when Californian settlers encountered them in the early to mid-1800s.  While other Paleoindian cultures and peoples passed by or settled around the difficult terrain of the Round Valley, the Yuki stayed separate, maintaining their own language and beliefs.  According to the ethnographic concept of Culture Circles introduced by Wilhelm Schmidt and Fritz Graebner in the early 1900s, the more isolated a culture and a language are, the more ancient the culture itself is.

This includes their religious beliefs, and if the oldest cultures from all around the world share similar religious themes and stories, it follows those themes and stories are some of the oldest in the history of humanity.

Spoiler alert… it’s monotheism.  😉

God bless!