Day 2 down. Struggled with getting focused this morning once I arrived. Honestly, knowing I was going to write this entry helped me get to work once I arrived. Didn’t realize this blog would become a layer of accountability for me, but hey, here we are!

I was in a meeting at the end of the day with our principal. Our Related Arts team, all spaced out 6 feet apart in the cafeteria, looked like we were in some kind of prison situation. It reminded me of Magneto’s plastic cage in X2 but with masks.

We were discussing several topics and expectations. We reached the end of her presentation. Then our principal shared a thought.

One of our school board members had come by and met with her yesterday just to talk. He was asking her about how her staff was doing and they were discussing options for opening the schools. Tonight there’s a meeting where they decide the fate of the univers-… I mean, if they’re going to push back school’s opening date to give us more time to iron out the difficulties behind the scenes.

The school board member, when asked about what he was thinking about the vote tonight, said that all he could think about was imagining a 5-year-old in Kindergarten. The kid cries all day long, and the teacher restraining herself from hugging that child because of fears of COVID-19.

It’s so poignant. We talk about the mental health of kids a lot, trying to get them back into school. I personally keep thinking about the kid stuck at home in an abusive situation and whose only safe haven is school. I want my kids here, with me, you know?

But what will this ultra sanitary environment do to the mental health of our kids inside this building, unable to high-five, yell obnoxious stupidities at each other (I’m thinking specifically the lunch room), or receive a comforting hug when you need it most?

I mean, our cafeteria looks like Gotham Asylum, just way cleaner (our custodians are the bomb). Is that healthy for 5th graders to be like that all day? Is it better that they’re here just able to see each other? Some interaction is better than no interaction, right? Bringing them here is better, right?


When all is said and done, you cannot make policy decisions based on anecdotes, on emotion. You must weigh all the data, the pros and cons and then make what seems to be the best decision for the good of the society. Governing, even if it’s just a school board, is a hard job.

And a thankless one, too.

Pray for our leaders… I sure don’t envy them right now.

Love you all. God bless!