That’s the term that Schoology uses for the process of becoming more comfortable and in sync with the use of their online learning platform.

Unfortunately, it sounds like “eulogizing.” Which is certainly different, right? Eulogizing doesn’t have to be used in just funerals… but really, who uses the word any other way? Online teaching… schoologizing… dark thoughts, man, dark thoughts.

You know, it occurs to me as I work through this training and I’m thinking about how I’m going to put my entire year of teaching content and curriculum up for the kids:

Are we music ed folk innovating ourselves out of a job?

If all of these fantastic online courses are being created right now by music educators all across the country, each covering very similar content (how many ways are there to teach flute embouchure to a beginner?), pretty soon there will be thousands and thousands of options out there for people to copy or buy!

Or… if we do such a good job this year, why not use the same content next year? Online college courses do that sometimes!

Do we just become discussion board moderators and graders?

I don’t think so… good education grows from human connection. Accountability and relationship will keep human teachers in a job as long as our society values accountability and relationships. As long as…

HA! Now that I think about it, perhaps the arts will (or maybe should) be the only type of teaching in public education that survives this pandemic! Everything else you can get online, but if you understand the educational value the performing arts in a kid…?!? There’s a thought.


One of the best parts of my day was calling my Mom. She’s having a rough time right now working through some stuff, so I called her at lunch to say “hi” and check in. I told her what I was doing, about how awesome this online thing could be for really motivated kids, and how I wanted to structure my instruction for band to make it so those kids who want to push themselves totally can!

She agreed, but reminded me that teenagers need structure and to be careful how I go about doing that. Quantity is not quality. I love that woman! When she’s right, she’s right.

Alright, I’m headed down to another school to pick up some shtuff. Have a great day!

God bless! 🙂