Hey everyone, had to share this.

Drum Corps International is gearing back up.

When I saw this video on Youtube, I can’t tell you how much I teared up. From the nostalgia, to the power, to the rawness of these young kids experiencing such a high art form, perhaps for the first time… I can’t help but celebrate the joy this brought me and so many others who will get to experience this art in 2021.

“Harmonic Journey” is the title for their 2021 production. This is a marvelous repurposing of their 2003 show of the same name. Coincidentally, 2003 was the first year I marched in a drum corps. I got to see that legendary Phantom Regiment 2003 DCI Finals run when the crowd in Orlando, Florida jumped to their feet like a tidal wave for the last minute of the show, roaring over the entirely acoustic performance that could still be heard.

While this is only a concert performance with no visual (drill, color guard, etc.), my memories of all my drum corps years as performer and fan crashed back into my heart today.

I didn’t know how much I missed it all until today. What an amazing niche art form.

Please enjoy (warm-up @0:40, show @5:45, bonus music @19:22):

Art is one of the most profound ways to explore and share the beauty of God’s creation.

Love you all.

BONUS… for the diehards; I know you’ve all been missing this!